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Kodak Moments is derived from the infamous Kodak brand which reinvented itself into a more modern and digitalized company optimizing AI for direct to consumer printing services.
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Kodak Greeting Cards

The greeting cards are one of the most successful products for Kodak Moments. Customers can pick from a selection of curated greeting cards for all occasions and providing users the flexibility to upload photos and order printed cards as a final product.

Role & Duration

Interaction designer


Moderating design sprints
User Experience
Low fidelity wireframes
High/Low fidelity prototypes
High fidelity mockup


Mobile App, Responsive Web

The challenge

A big contributor to Kodak's success is their wide variety of print service options. One of the most important print categories are the Greeting cards. The current card building process is lengthy and has experience issues related to design upgrades and related price transparency. Additionally there are several interaction and card builder issues related to font selection and corner trim options.


Design sprints are a proven way to find the best design solution in a short amount of time. I was involved in moderating design sprints around greeting cards to find creative solutions along with stakeholders.

The sprint resulted in various solutions which offered unique design opportunities and improve the overall workflow. But a good design solution always needs to be backed by user data, which requires thorough research and testing.

User Testing and Synthesis


Post discovery we had a few potentially great ideas, which I started to visualize by creating low-fidelity wireframes. This was an iterative process as we went over several user flows iterations with the stakeholders.

User Testing
It is very important for a user test prototype to be free of any ambiguity and confusion as it dilutes the user date. It is also important to choose the right demographic for the test. I was responsible for this process, as I set up the questions on UserTesting.com. The questioned were framed keeping in mind the objective and problems we started with.

The tests were screen recording of users working with the prototype. I evaluated all the videos and summarized the finding in a text ready format. This process also involved scoping users demographics and other information which helped synthesize the findings in the best possible way.

I went through all the user test date and performed a qualitative analysis of the user tests. This confirmed a lot of our design decisions as well as suggested fine UI changes which can be integrated into the final design stage..
I have used Kodak Moments several times before and I did not even know you offered rounded card corners. The new designs seem really intuitive and I was able to order the exact cards I wanted in half the time.

Angie Sue
- Returning customer

Final App Solution

The final App product is an easy way to select and build greeting cards. User now have a way to easily select the card design and make customizations. The new card builder is more intuitive, faster and personalized.
The actual builder now has much clearer price transparency and provides an intuitive way to select the corner trim options. The tap regions are much more defined so users can easily locate the text fields.

High-fidelity Prototype
Finally, I created a high fidelity prototype to refine the overall user interaction and fine-tune the user flow. Through this iterative process I was achieve the business goals while staying true to our customer needs.

Related Web Solution

The web solution was intended to present the customers  an approach similar to the app. The ability to modify cards easily while keeping price transparency was key.



The average builder process time reduced
by 40%


Over a period of 2 months we saw an 8% increase in returning users.

6 min

Average time to personalize greeting cards

Other contributions

At Kodak I also worked on various design challenges which required less time but had a high impact on the overall product. There were several lessons that came from this experience.

Onboarding is not a one size fits all process
During the user research, we found out that a lot of the product categories were not easily discoverable on the landing page. My role was to find a way to make these products more discoverable. The solution was to increase the discoverability of these categories by leveraging animation.

Moments is a very important feature on the Kodak App
We realized the importance to showcase user photos onto various products to create a sense of personalization and to upsell our products. I implemented a quick design solution which would help the personalized items stand out from the promotion cards

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