Once upon a puppet

Mobile game by Flatter than Earth

I worked on the main character (Splithead) of the game and designed the points of motion (rig) and related animation controls.
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Character rig

My main task was to create a complete rig for the character Splithead. I created all the required body controls along with complete facial expression range. The main challenge of the rig was to make it work with different outfits the character was going to wear across the game cycle. This was a game rig which meant there were limitations to the way rig had to perform in comparison to a feature film.


VR character by studio Kikito

Hank is a character from a VR interactive series currently in production. I helped the studio bring the character to life by setting up the skeleton system and animation controls. I also helped to integrate the character in the Virtual Reality environment.
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Character rig

The immersive nature of VR required the rig to have a versatile personality. So I created a rig which had high fluidity which and great control so animators can achieve a wide range of facial emotions.

I M Possible

This is a student Emmy winning short film. My role as a technical artist was to design the points of motion for the facial expressions on the main character, as well as simulation of other elements within the film which helped give a realistic feel to the animated film.

Short Film Synopsis:
Match winner Christopher has spent a year of his life in a wheelchair after a disastrous accident. But after a frustrating spell of sedentariness; he is now determined to play basketball again on his disabled legs. A grueling challenge awaits him on the court.


For this short film, I worked one of the main character Burt. I was responsible for the complete body and face rig. I also added physics based simulation to add secondary motion like fat jiggle on the character.

Scripted Python tools

As part of my college thesis I explored the importance of secondary motion like fat jiggle, whipping action etc and the impact it has to the emotions of an animated scene. It is a tedious process to work with simulation and get the right effect in Maya and so I wanted to make a tool which was easy for all students to use and uplift the quality of animation.
Another common use of simulation in animation is on props, ropes, trees and animals spines to name a few. I wanted to find a way to automate this process and create a tool which was versatile enough to tackle all of these challenges.

BebopBee Games


iOS and Android platform mobile game called Snapimals

Sam's Club


iPad app solution Sam's Garage build for tire and battery centers